A Hermit's Hut as Metaphor

A new translation of the Japanese classic

方丈記 英和対訳

Hōjōki is an extended meditation on the impermanence of the world and the danger of attachment. Written by the reclusive monk Kamo no Chōmei at the dawn of the thirteenth century, this classic work of Japanese literature is celebrated for its linguistic simplicity and philosophical depth. Using the house as a metaphor for worldly attachment, Chōmei encourages readers not to cling to possessions, status, or social recognition. Simplicity and self-reliance, he argues, are the keys to extinguishing desire and finding inner peace. Although Hōjōki is unmistakably inspired by Buddhist ideas, its message is both universal and timeless.

The second edition includes the Japanese source text and English translation, original images, maps, and notes. 本書は方丈記の英和対訳です。

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