Matthew Stavros

Matthew Stavros is a historian of Japan at the University of Sydney and former director of the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies. He is the author of Kyoto: An Urban History of Japan's Premodern Capital (University of Hawai'i Press, 2014) and over a dozen articles on Kyoto’s architectural and urban history. His research focuses primarily on the material culture of premodern Japan and eastern Asia, with particular interest in cities, buildings, and monuments. He trained in architectural and urban history at Kyoto University and read history at Princeton University where he earned a PhD. He teaches modern and classical Japanese language, Japanese history and historiography, and more broadly on the histories and cultures of East Asia and Southeast Asia.

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Contact: mstavros@kyotohistory.com

MG Miller, Audiobook Narrator

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Matt Miller lives in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife, son, two dogs and a cat. He earned a degree in biology from Bowling Green University and has worked for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for over 25 years. Voice acting is the natural extension of a life-long engagement with the theatre, working both on stage and behind the scenes. In addition to Hōjōki: A Hermit’s Hut as Metaphor, Matt is also the narrator of The First Samurai: The Life and Legend of the Warrior Rebel, Taira Masakado, by Karl Friday.

Contact: mattmill@alaska.net

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